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Monday, March 04, 2013


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L Shepard

Sadly, Lexington should have learned this lesson in the 1980's when the Webb brothers developed the Victorian Square and Festival Market fiascos. Shame on Lexington's leadership for letting the Webb's fool you not twice, but three times!!!


What's more, Jamie Millard of the Lexington History Museum was counting on the TIF money to help bring the museum to where it should be. He stated that the museum's official position should be that CentrePointe was a good thing. Rather than being an advocate for historic preservation and adaptive reuse, he wanted the city to tear town historic structures and demolish a piece of the city's history. Five years later, there's no CentrePointe, no TIF, and because of his bad leadership, there's no museum.


I left town, precisely because in endorsing this megalith over my cultural interests (music, say), it was the last thumb in the eye from Lexington's Old Money that I could stomach. I took my engineering degree with me. As did others. This diaspora of the educated continues.

sallie rembert ruff

I am totally opposed to the centrepointe project. Authorities need to make sure it never happens.
Please do not develop that charming pasture in the middle of town!

There are wasted developed buildings downtown that need to be used.

In other words, let us preserve green space and utilize the buildings we have.

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