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Tuesday, November 01, 2011


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Chris dotson

I agree with some of the sentiment, but the real question is how much? How much of the country should government own and run? Right now, I believe government spending (all levels) is over 40%. At 0% yOu have anarchy and at 100% communism, so I think most Americans agree the right answer for us is somewhere in between. I'm fine with a progressive tax system, but not for the purpose of giving congress ever more of someone else's money to spend.

Old Scout 83

From another 1%'er -
You have captured the collective ethos, accountability, responcibility and character of being well-born with a social conscience. This isn't about 1%; this is about .0003% of their impact on education, culture and politics.
As long as the current system of mutually aggressive exagerated claims dominate the political spectrum and the publicly stated mission of one is to eliminate governance, not government - while the other's stated mission is to expand the role of government to safeguard the population from rogue excesses of enterprise, we will be at an impasse.
This isn't the forum to address the impasse, but to recognize others with the resources, sense of responcibility and ethical values and swap experiences.
Thanks for helping to draw the line and toeing it without someone to watch over you.

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